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US Farm Report

Joe Vaclavik was a guest on this weekend’s edition of US Farm Report…  

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Chinese Stocks

The grain trade has been focused on the economic situation in China. China is one of the world’s largest commodity buyers. Perceived economic weakness has caused some worry in regard to the future of Chinese demand of US grain and oilseeds. Many traders have kept an eye on the Chinese stock market. Shanghai Composite Index

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Funds Still Long Corn/Soybeans

Despite the recent collapse in grain prices, large speculators maintain significant length in the corn and soybean markets. This leads some to believe that the markets are at risk of additional liquidation and downward pressure.

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Morning Grain Market Update

The grain markets are marginally lower to begin Friday morning. New crop corn and soybean contracts remain under pressure given improved weather conditions and stability in crop ratings. Macro-economic factors remain a negative. A widely held expectation that the Fed will raise borrowing costs is seen as being dollar-positive and commodity-negative. Outside commodity products like […]

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Weather Scare ’15

In general, the grain markets are very quick to price-in a potential crop issue when adverse weather arises. The corn market generally tops during mid-July following a typical crop scare. The last major crop failure in this country was in 2012, a year in which the rally lasted through the first week in August prior […]

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December Corn: 1993 vs 2015

The 1993 growing season featured excessive rainfall throughout much of the country. It’s interesting to note some of the similarities between the 1993 December corn chart and the December 2015 chart. Past performance is not indicative of future results!

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More Rain in the Forecast

The Midwest and portions of the US Plains have seen excessive rainfall during the past few weeks. More rain is on the way according to this morning’s forecast: 7-Day Precip Forecast

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Corn Chart Update

The July corn contract was able to bounce off of long-term trend channel support earlier this week. Stochastics signaled a “buy” earlier this week. The trend-channel pictured remains operative.

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